Wellcamp Furniture Removals

Tips on moving Home

Times savers…

Tips on moving Home from Wellcamp Furniture Removals
  1. Defrost your fridge and leave items in the fridge until the removalists arrive. Then have an esky to place everything inside;
  2. Dismantle beds, desks etc and keep the nuts and bolts in a container;
  3. Remove microwave plate and pack safely into a box;
  4. Empty all cupboards and drawers;
  5. Don't water pot plants 3 days prior to move;
  6. Empty and water beds one day prior to move;
  7. Be sure to have someone present to indicate the placement of items.

Packing hints…

Tips on moving Home from Wellcamp Furniture Removals
  1. The use of actual removal cartons or of similar size and shape will help the removalists to pack the truck more efficiently;
  2. Use the smaller book boxes for books, food, records etc;
  3. Use larger boxes for the bulkier items such as pots and pans;
  4. Don't overfill boxes and tape both ends securely;
  5. Using linen to wrap more fragile items before packing into a box is always a good idea and to write “fragile” clearly on the box.