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Moving tips.

Wellcamp Furniture Removals offer a cost effective hourly rate system that allows you to control the cost of your move. The more organised you are, the more efficiently our professional removalists will have your furniture and household goods delivered and positioned in your home or office. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your move.

Pre-packing tips
If it fits in a box, it’s best to pack it into one.

  • Make sure to use heavy duty removal cartons if possible. 

  • Use packing paper not newspaper and bubble wrap for fragile items.

  • Having scrunched up paper or linen to cushion the bottom of the box and crushed paper to fill in gaps throughout will ensure your breakables don’t move around inside the box. 

  • Place heavy items at the bottom and be careful not to overpack boxes as this puts pressure on the cartons and can make them too heavy to move.

  • Pack heavy items such as books into smaller cartons. 

  • Wrap pieces individually. 

  • Label boxes clearly, especially any boxes with fragile items


Getting ready for your move day?
Here’s a checklist to help the day run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Have your appliances unplugged.

  • Unhook your washing machine and drain the night prior to your move.

  • Avoid watering your pot plants two days prior and place all in the same area. 

  • Empty fridges and if you’re moving out of town, defrost fridge and freezer.

  • Have items such as beds dismantled, slats taped together etc. unless you’re needing assistance with this.

  • Wipe over any furniture that’s dusty, this makes life easier for not only the removalists but ensures your furniture arrives at your new house clean and ready to be placed. 

  • Try to keep a clear path into each room in your house for easy access.

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